5 Things You Need To Be Prepared For Before Childbirth

As a prospective mother, confusion is often felt before birth, especially for prospective mothers at the first moment of childbirth. Anxiety that is felt by pregnant women before labor is not only related to equipment, but also physically and psychologically. This makes the condition of pregnant women decreases because of the burden of worries before delivery.

Everyone in general and pregnant women in particular will want the moment of birth of the baby smoothly and calmly. Most pregnant women will be anxious about facing childbirth if the preparation is not optimal. To help overcome the anxiety experienced by pregnant women before birth, this time we will share information related to prenatal preparation. The following are things that need to be prepared:

Choose the method of giving birth
Generally, many pregnant women choose normal labor. But with certain reasons and considerations, someone sometimes goes to Caesar's method of labor. As a proper preparation before giving birth, it would be nice for prospective mothers to know what stages of childbirth are normal or Caesar. For the sake of the safety of the mother and baby, consult a doctor / midwife regarding the appropriate method of delivery.

Choose the place of delivery
Right in choosing a place will provide comfort for prospective mothers. At least this will be a positive force to face childbirth. Choosing the place of delivery is not only related to "where" but also "who", namely who is the doctor / midwife who will handle the delivery. Usually pregnant women want to know the history of the doctor / midwife who will help her give birth later. Recommendations for choosing a place of delivery should refer to its location close to home, the professionalism of the doctor / midwife, and services and facilities.

Mental preparation
In addition to the physical condition of the mother who must be maximal, mental preparation must also be considered. Quiet mentality will provide mother's comfort and smooth delivery. In preparing a good mentality, the mother can try to get used to "chatting" with the baby even though it is still in the womb as internal support. While from the external can be given from the family or the closest people in the form of moral support to pregnant women. Make sure the husband gives extra comfort before the wife gives birth, gives strength to the wife, and accompanies him during childbirth. Preparation before giving birth to this point will have a double impact on the mother and the child before labor.

Preparing your child's needs
Preparing your baby's needs will be a companion to the previous preparation. By preparing this, the mother will be more calm because the baby's needs are available.

Enrich information about caring for babies
As a support, try to enrich information about caring for babies. Usually prospective young mothers still do not have the experience of caring for the little one, this can affect the mother's psychological in welcoming the little one later.

Thus information that we can relate to preparation before giving birth. Of course proper and maximum preparation will provide comfort and safety for prospective mothers in passing the moment of labor. May be useful.

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