Want to climb Mount Bromo? Come Follow These Tips!

Paraf Informasi - Bromo is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. Who doesn't know this one mountain. Not only attracting the attention of foreign tourists, domestic tourists also like adventuring to Bromo.

Easy and comfortable road access has indeed made Bromo always a favorite. Especially if we already have travel insurance for holidays there. Surely the trip becomes more safe and enjoyable.

Don't climb Mount Bromo if you haven't listened to the following important tips:

It's better not in the holiday season

Climbing Mount Bromo in the holiday season will not feel too comfortable. Because many tourists visit the same season. It would be better if we visit outside the holiday season. To make our trip more comfortable and easy to get quality accommodation

Physical Must Be In Prime Condition

If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the top of Bromo, you have to climb 250 steps first. This challenge is coupled with Bromo's very cold weather. So, of course our physical condition must be in top shape. Don't let us fall sick after a holiday from Bromo, huh. Perform physical activity regularly at least 1 month before leaving

Adequate Clothing Equipment

Adequate clothing is also one of the holiday requirements for Bromo. The cold air at Bromo and the surrounding area makes us have to prepare a lot of thick clothes. In addition to jackets, prepare also thick textured hats, masks, scarves and trousers. We also must not forget to prepare comfortable shoes for climbing mountains.

Cash turns out to be very important
In order to avoid difficulties when making transactions, we recommend that you bring enough cash. Because the area around Bromo does not have ATM facilities. Save cash in a safe place so that it is not easily spilled when it will be used.

Finally, don't forget the travel insurance that will protect yourself and your luggage. Find the best travel insurance in Futuready. Because Futuready is a supermarket insurance with the most complete choices that will facilitate us. Without having to bother preparing a large budget, we can have travel insurance as needed. Remember travel insurance, surely remember Futuready.

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