Tips for Caring Your Favorite Car Body Paint

Paraf Informasi - Having a favorite and powerful car for everyday use is a pride for some people. Not only about power, but also in terms of the appearance of the car itself. Starting from the interior and exterior it must be really interesting and in accordance with our character.

Speaking of the appearance of the exterior of our favorite car, it certainly will not be far from the name of the body paint aka car paint. Especially for those of you who have an Auto2000 car like the Toyota New Yaris with very attractive colors certainly won't let the paint color break because of trivial things instead.

But what happens if it turns out that our favorite car body paint has a small scratch defect? Of course it's very unfortunate isn't it? Yes, like it or not you have to immediately bring your favorite car to a paint service body that has a good reputation and quality, like at the Auto2000 Body Paint Cibiru Bandung dealer.

Now if you have determined the main body paint service, it is better for you to know some types of paint that you will apply later. Basically there are three types of paint used for body paint, namely Paint Stoving, Paint Lacquer and Urethane Paint.

For paint stoving you can make your choice when repainting your favorite car area is quite extensive. Basically stoving paint requires the use of an oven, where the results will be durable and not easily scratched. Yes, although the price of stoving paint is slightly more expensive compared to other paints, it will be comparable to the results you will get. Of course you can get this type of paint at the Auto2000 Body Paint Cibiru Bandung dealer.

Then for those of you who only need to repaint a small or small area due to a scratch on the car, you can choose a lacquer type paint. You can make this paint a choice because the price is much cheaper and has a color resistance of about 2 years.

The last type of paint is urethane paint. Urethane paint itself has a price that is also cheaper compared to stoving paint. Of course this will greatly help the condition of your pocket when in a position to wait for payday or save savings balance. However, it should be noted again with the quality of urethane paint itself. Compared to the price you have to pay, urethane paint has a scratch resistance that is worse than the type of stoving paint. Therefore, after repainting with this paint, you should be careful to drive a car on the road to avoid scratches again.

Well, no less important than the type of paint used are some of the supporting components of the paint itself, namely thiner, hardener and also the scratch-resistant layer, aka clear. For this matter you have to be really careful and don't be easily tempted by a cheap price. You can consult first with the body repaint officer at the Cibiru Bandung Auto2000 Body Repaint dealer to choose some of the best quality brands.

Tips for Caring for the Favorite Car Body Paint
Caring for body paint itself cannot be done carelessly. In addition to doing routine maintenance such as the use of car shampoo when bathing your car, you can also do body paint treatment by looking at some types of damage to the paint itself. Some of the following tips can you make a reference for body paint treatment according to the damage to the paint.

Often we ourselves are not careful in driving which results in scratches on the body. In addition, the use of tools and maintenance can also cause scratches on your favorite car paint, whether it's fine or rough scratches. Now if this has happened, you can do the following types of treatments.
  • For fine scratches and not too striking, you can polish using a compound. But you need to pay attention to its use, don't overdo it, because it can cause the paint to fade away. If you don't dare to do it yourself, you can take it to the Auto2000 Body Paint Cibiru Bandung dealer.
  • For rough and deep scratches you should not do polishing with a compound. You can immediately bring it to the Auto2000 Body Paint Cibiru Bandung dealer. In that place you can consult directly with experts regarding the type of paint and other components.
  • Use a different washcloth to clean your car. So you can distinguish between the use of laps for the exterior, interior and also the wheels and fenders of your favorite car to avoid scratches due to dust sticking.
Corrosion is a classic thing that we often encounter in old type cars. This corrosion is caused by the reaction of air with a layer of bare metal that is eroded to cause rust inside the paint layer. To avoid this classic problem, you can do the following tips.
  • Wash your car as soon as possible after you get the raindrop. Rainwater itself is acidic which will potentially reduce the quality of your favorite car paint.
  • If you have already aroused rust, you can use the rust removal liquid that you can get at the Cibiru Auto2000 dealer in Bandung.
What causes moldy favorite cars? The most frequent and rarely noticed thing is the remaining soapy water left on the paint surface of your favorite car. The remaining soapy water that is left behind and has not dried properly will potentially cause mold. Therefore, after washing the car you must wipe it completely dry until the remaining water is completely gone.

Water Spots
Water spots that cover the body of a car are things that you often encounter when the rainy season arrives. These water spots are caused by rain water or even soapy water that dries out from the sun. To get rid of it, you can use a special shampoo when washing the car. After you wash, then immediately rinse and wipe using a special cloth that you can get at the Auto2000 Body Paint Cibiru Bandung dealer or also use a clean and soft cloth.

Now, some of the information above can be used as a reference to choose the right body paint and maintain the paint color of your own car. Do not hesitate to consult the Auto2000 Body Paint Cibiru Bandung dealer officer to get tips on caring for your favorite car paint body.

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